A terrific performance by team Principal John Hardy, in the driving seat, and Co-Driver Paul Brimblecombe saw Excite Rally Raid finish 3rd in class and 24th overall at the Welsh Borders Hill Rally this weekend. Only some mechanical issues on Sunday deprived the pair of an even better finish with second in class certainly within their grasp and potentially better! “We just had to nurse the car through the stages on Sunday which was hugely frustrating” said Hardy. “The issues just proved to much to properly resolve out on course”

But the team as a whole will take heart from a promising first outing of the season and we look forward to welcoming the girls back to the frontline in the coming weeks and months as our all-female crew resume their journey towards competing in the Dakar Rally. “We have made great strides in the “off season” and whilst this year might not be the challenge we expected we are in a much stronger position to push on from here said Partnerships Manager Dean Faulkner.