John hardy dakar rally driving

Principal - John Hardy

Over 25 years of British National Rally Championship experience and class wins behind him, John has helped many British Championship drivers as an Instructor at Castle Coombe Rally school.

He has competed in Ford escort and Sierra Cosworth, Renault Clio Williams I, Vauxhall Nova SR and GSi, Peugeot 306 GTi6 and 106 XSi, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4 and Evo 6, Seat Cupra Sport and on the Silkway Rally in a MAN L90 Race Truck.

dean Faulkner dakar rally driving

Sponsor and Partnerships Manager - Dean Faulkner

Whilst not involved in car, Dean is responsible for the commercial side of the team. He has over 17 years’ experience in sports marketing across a wide number of sports both in the UK and globally. He is responsible for securing and maintaining all of our partner relationships.

Dean is also involved with general team management and social media plans as well as running his own business, IML Sports Marketing.


John hardy dakar rally driving


Jasmine has done 3 full seasons of racing in her own car, a the Warrior. the first being 2018. She has competed in a mixture of comp safaris with Staffs & Shrops, AWDC, NORC and BXCC and also Welsh Borders Hill Rally too – in 2018, 19 and 21.

Previously Jasmine drove a handful of events in a some Simbugghini races in around 2010. She then co-drove her dad for a few years while at university etc, before taking the Warrior over when he bought a Lofthouse. Jasmine drove the Lofthouse for a NORC event in 2021 and set the fastest time of the event in it.

dean Faulkner dakar rally driving

A Winning Combination

dean Faulkner dakar rally driving

Paula Brimblecombe (Co-Driver)

Paula has extensive experience in the navigation and co-driving role. She has agreed to join the team to help out where and when needed.

She brings not only her skills in car but a great sense of humour and piositivity too.


John hardy dakar rally driving

Mike Jackson

Mike is the brains behind the mechanics team. Set him a challenge and he’ll rise to it. It’s great to have him onboard as an integral part of the team.

dean Faulkner dakar rally driving

Aaron Brimblecombe

Aaron can’t be kept away from the team. A hard worker who puts in hours of work getting the cars to up to competition standard. His passion for motor racing in general and rallying in particular shines through all he does for us.
dean Faulkner dakar rally driving

Paul Brimblecombe

Paul has been involved in the rally world with team principal John Hardy for more years than either would care to remember. He is a great asset to the team and a font of knowledge on all things cars.
John hardy dakar rally driving

Benjamin okey

Ben is constantly on the go, when he’s not in the air, as a Structures Examiner, skiing or on the water he can be found in a car. His interest in rallying and motors has grown into a real passion for endurance races.

He has a degree in Civil Engineering, IRATA (Abseiling) Level 2 and RYA (Instructor) sailing qualifications, having competed at National Level himself – achieving 7th in Laser class.

dean Faulkner dakar rally driving

Jack Ridout

Jack may be the youngest member of Excite’s crew but he is highly valued for his refreshing modesty, reliability and can-do attitude; he provides support to both the Technical Crew and the Management Team.

After leaving school, he studied Motor Vehicle Mechanics, with Consultant Phil Okey as course instructor, Jack has a passion for Parkour and is dedicated to a fitness regime with the ultimate aim of joining the Royal Marines.

dean Faulkner dakar rally driving

Ali Orchard

Ali began her passion for rally as a Radio traffic and travel reporter and a co-drive with John Hardy in 1997. Her best achievements include a Ladies Award, two 2nd in class and a 1st overall.

Ali is also a professional photographer and holds a LGV licence and for seven years was based at Southampton International Airport as a Leading Firefighter (Aviation) and Road Traffic Incident Instructor.


Consultant Phil has been with the team virtually from the outset. He has a depth of knowledge that is invaluable to team.

Team Mascot – TEDDY

Teddy is probably better known than anyone else on the team. He loves overseeing the team in the workshop and is never shy when out and about. He is just awesome. Do show him some love when you see him.